Saturday, 9 June 2012

Cool thing alert!

While my musical tastes do center a lot around Madonna, I like me a good mashup. And not just of Madonna.

One artist I found from others is Girl Talk. He's done a lot of stuff, and one item in particular is All Day. Which, if you click on that link, you can download for free. He's got other, non-free, stuff, but this is cool. Over an hour of great music mixed together in a fantastic way. (Just check out this list of who he sampled.)

However, the problem with this kind of mashup is... what if there is some particular piece that you like, or at least want to hear more of? Trying to work out what the song is can be tricky, or just near impossible. You can hope others put together, for example, a video and give a hint:

Or you can google search for lyrics and hope to find the song.

Or you can use this interactive tool that plays each track and has each sample in its own box, mashupbreakdown. Now that's useful, and a neat way to listen to the songs!


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