Sunday, 10 June 2012


[I've been waiting to use that reference to The Critic!]

Not only did I see Ridder's latest movie, I saw it in 3D! (Because it was shot in 3D, and not post-converted.) And not only did I see it in 3D, I went to the Gold Lounge! (Because it was only a few dollars on top of the lots of dollars I was already paying for the ticket.) I'll just address the 3D part now... you don't need it. Aside from some displays being more realisticly in front of/behind the actors, it doesn't matter, there are no 'mein gott, this must be seen in 3D!' moments...

As you know from the trailer, ancient humans all said 'go there!' when they couldn't know about there, so now we can go there, we go there to find the aliens. And then we get there, poke around, and some bad stuff happens. And, once again, we prove that sex = death.

But, really... I do have to say that this movie is 'a big pile of meh'. Seriously, I was just not blown away by any part of it. The story was mechanical, a bunch of nice ideas put together (as one person put it), but nothing developed fully. The visuals weren't over the top gorgeous. The acting was too emotional for the emotionless characters, and not enough emotion from the emotioning ones.

Everyone reading this is more than likely to see the movie anyway, but don't hurry for it. [And while there is an easter egg at the end of the credits, don't feel like you need to stay unless you usually watch all the way through like I do.]


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