Monday, 4 June 2012

Documentary 2012

So for those of you who kept track, I did see all 20 movies on my list. And significantly contributed to the local economy.

Speaking of which, one comment made by the organisers (who always introduced each movie) was that this was partly funded by the Wellington City Council, and so they wanted plenty of people to watch the movies so there would be incentive for WCC to keep giving money.

Only one movie of the lot I attended was anywhere near packed. And one session I was in had only three people... Yeah, I'm not seeing this an incredibly successful on that front. If, next year, it didn't make it down here again, and was only in Auckland, I wouldn't be shocked. (I think Auckland had higher attendance, they seemed to suggest so.)

Also, this is currently screening at Readings, like at least last year if not the year before. These don't count as Reading movies, so you can't get Readings points for them (unless the ticket person doesn't know this, in which case cha-ching!), and can't use Reading discounts for it.

Also, the D-card wasn't great. You could either get $5 off a fifth movie, or a tenth one free (I got both for the number of movies I went to). And you couldn't use that in the Gold Lounge section (where docs cost $5 more), because they 'don't have the button for that'.

Not to mention that there could be a better screening process for selecting movies...

Ultimately, they are doing what they can to bring these movies to Wellington, so good on them for that. However, there is a lot of room for improvement, and a lot of room for it not to happen at all.


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