Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Yes, this is a thing, it seems. No-one really wanted the first movie, and now we have the sequel no-one asked for. But they know what they want, and so pack it in the title...

The fish are back and 3Der than ever. And there are more women, and more nudity, and a guy gets his penis bitten, and everyone is attacked and... sigh. There really is no point to this movie. There's a water park, we are all waiting for the mass piranha attack, and yet when it happens, it's still boring! To be honest, the only thing worth watching in this movie is the end credits.

And Christopher Lloyd and Ving Rhames are back... I supposed, don't remember them in the previous movie. And others are probably also back, but again does anyone care about these returning characters? I had to remind myself several times that I was supposed to care, but it never stayed with me. And the big guest star for this movie is the Hoff. As the Hoff. And basically parodying himself. And no, that doesn't make anything better.

This is not a movie anyone should bother watching for any reason.


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