Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Heresy of Darkness!

My name is Lionus, and I am an Adept in the command of the Imperium. And this is my tale...

I was tasked with attending to a location, which, upon doing so, I found four other compatriots. We travelled down to the House of Mori [I will be getting these names wrong, I don't have the adventure in front of me, and don't know War40K that well]. There we saw the body of a worker from Coscelia. He was possibly a courier, however he had an organ inside him that was of dark tech, a heresy. As a team, we were assigned to find out where these organs were coming from, and preferably who. And we were to be subtle. [Yeah, that was never going to happen.]

Travelling to Coscelia, we go to the apartment where he live with his sister. She was there, although she knew nothing of his courier job. He had recently been laid off, and spent a lot of time at the local watering hole. Also, she had seen the local Warden looking scared about something.

We went to the bar, and failed to sweet talk to any of the gang members that were all that remained at the time we went there. They were staying in the bar, as Arbitors (enforcers) were taking people from the street at night. [I think. I'm not entirely clear about it.] And then, with extreme companionness, we get into a fight.

Scratch (she is an Assassin) shots one in the knee. Therpia (she is Scum [Yes, Scum is a class]) also shoots. Grimm (he is a Cleric) uses his huge chainsaw. Tharius (he is an Arbitor) also gets into gunplay. And the gangers fire back. Meanwhile, I get to the door, and pretend to call the Arbitors in. With that distraction, we get away.

As mentioned: we were to be subtle. [Although we don't really have the skills to be subtle. Or the skills for anything else for that matter. We will muddle through, but we aren't investigators.]


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