Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Titanic Wrath

It is a sequel, but it doesn't matter. I base this on the fact that I didn't recall anything of the original movie, and can't say I missed anything.

So, atheism is out and ruining the world. In this case, the gods no longer can support Tartarus and it breaks down unleashing all the caged up creatures onto the world. Which seems to consist of one two-headed bird, and then some weenies at the end of the movie. Yeah, big apocalyptic world destruction there. And on the other side, we have that one guy and his friends on a quest to get to random places around the world (note: the world is basically a couple of rocky plains) and form the uber-plot device to use to defeat the big bad.

Sounds generic? It is. Between this, the original, and that other movie about Greek Immortals, I was having trouble remembering which one I was watching. Lots of pointless fighting, lashes of CGI and blue and yellow palettes. Wee!

As ever, the big actors here are far more interesting than the main leads. Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes and Bill Nighy are the only people worth watching. Rosamund Pike continues to be pretty. And there are some other people on screen, but none stick in my mind.

Not an amazing movie, but a mildly entertaining one to pass the time with.


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