Sunday, 17 June 2012

Trucking the Food

After a recommendation, I checked out The Food Truck, with chef Michael Van De Elzin.

The basic episode is: pick some basic fast food item. Michael eats three different examples, then visits someone to see how to make them. Act 2: he prepares his own version, trying them out on some people in some area. Act 3: goes to some event and sells his version of three meals. The kicker: they are healthier. The big question: "Will New Zealanders go for it?"

Generally, yes. One or two occasions he has a fizzer, but mostly he comes out all right. And it's an entertaining watch, however... he comes up with these new healthier versions, but.. what then? He has a cookbook, so he's getting something out of it, but... does anything happen with anyone else trying these new meals?

In one episode, The White Lady (which I had never heard of before) took on some items, but what of the rest of it? Michael shows that people will go for it, so it looks like there's a huge opportunity there to take those recipes he came up with, and take off and make money. And yet... anyone heard of these healthy options? Nope? Yeah...

I watched these via TVNZ's On Demand service. NZ's version of BBC iPlayer and Hulu. And now there are some other items I want to watch... make as well take some utility out of being in this country. [Will also have to see what TV3 has on offer.]


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