Saturday, 16 June 2012

Cerebus the Kickstarter

So, I'm backing the new Cerebus Kickstarter to get the High Society special edition... but I'm not entirely that happy about it. Yes, it comes down to that conflict between 'like the work' and 'not like the creator'. (See, also, Scott Adams.)

Dave Sim descended into Christian based misogyny towards the end of his Cerebus run, and is entirely unapologetic about it. Indeed, some of what he writes is entirely him re-interpreting the Bible, including where men are good emitting energy, and women are bad sucking energy. That's the way he sees it, so that's the way he calls it. [He's still a hardcore Christian, see the last pledge item, no idea if his attitudes towards women have changed...]

And yet... Cerebus! Have you read it? It's good stuff (before the extremely pretentious stuff that begins after Sim ended his planned arc). And there's still sections on F. Scott Fitzgerald I haven't read (never read the actual author), and I don't get the Stooges... but the earlier stuff is great. And I already got Cerebus Zero, so aiming for the special edition and world tour book (which I don't have). Cerebus has had a hell of an impact, and... yeah, why haven't you read it?

Now, they have said if they get 200K they will do all the phone books. But... I'm thinking that's not happening. Yeah, I'd like a special edition, but... that would be tough going for some of it.

Still, other people are pure fans of the work without taking into account what Dave Sim is like, so they'd enjoy it all. And I would still get it anyway.


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