Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Vigil the Huntering

We went to Travesti so that Robert could catch up with a contact. They did have a chat, and we could be getting more information on the Sarah Haversham front.

However, then the kid turned up. The kid that sucked out the life energy of whatever creature was pretending to be the body guard in front of the club. I made my move, calling out to the punk while retrieving the shotgun from the back of my car. Boom! Yeah, first blood to me.

Not that the kid cared, and in he went. Took down another bouncer, people started running, and I shot him again. This time, he cared some more (eight successes bitch!). However, instead of going after me, he healed himself, then grabbed a vampire chick and started killing her. Boom again, but now other people started joining in the fight. The bodyguards laid into him, and JD took an axe to him, and I went for body organs. It was a slow fight.

However, then Jack Cottage turned up, and touched him with his hand, on which he had drawn the symbol we found out about. And that did something to the kid (the hell??). And Jane body slammed him from a floor above, and that put him out. The owner of the club then invited us to get the hell out.

In the car, more hand action from Jack evicted the evil spirit inside him, and we found a woman's hand (guess she was innocent after all). We dumped the kid with a hospital, and gave the hand to a priest (don't ask, they didn't!). And that, for us, was a happy conclusion...

[And now we take a break from Hunter to do some other things...]


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