Monday, 23 July 2012

Dark Kniggit Arosen!

Yes, I have seen it, you may bask in my presence. Just reaffirms my annoyance at seeing it with other people, when people in the corner of my eye like to check their email or something every half-hour. Stop it! Can you not last that long without checking? Do you have an actual addiction that you should see someone about? Either way, sod off!

Anyway, in this movie Batman mopes about, and Bane goes around destroying things. I would be more concerned about what Bane did, but when watching the horrendous events, I found myself thinking "Oh, if only someone would stop him... like Batman... come along movie, we all know what's coming, get on with it", so the emotional impact was lacking somewhat.

There is a small twist that I should have seen coming (having been completely unsurprised by it in another movie - to the extend I was confused when the characters were getting it wrong, only for the movie to go 'Aha!' and just annoy me because it was obvious), but it was well played here. The music was a little overwhelming, and there were some lines (for example, why Bane has to wear the mask) that I missed because of it. And one character I was thinking 'they should do that with that character', and indeed that is what happened, so I was pleased I was in alignment with the movie.

As for the acting, it was good from those you'd expect it to be good from. Burn Gorman's presence distracted me, and I never really got his character's name. Some others were familiar, although possibly because they reminded me of other actors (Tom Hardy was doing an excellent Sean Connery).

While this is definitely the third of the trilogy, this movie just happens more than really does anything too amazing. You'll see it anyway, won't you?


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evildicemonkey said...

yes, yes I will. Just got back from seeing it, excellent film.

Despite people saying they had trouble understanding bane I didn't, though I did miss 2 lines from Gary Oldman (and I went to grab the place where my remote would be to rewind and listen again... D'oh!).

I was and wasn't disappointed with the ending, it played exactly as I thought it would (and it was really obvious when the scene was set much earlier in the movie) but it was the perfect ending to the run.

Kudos to Nolan et all.

And speaking of running, when I left the cinema the Olympic Torch was going by!