Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Escape from the Apes

Well, with the planet destroyed, where to next? Why, back to the planet of course! Only now, they have to escape from it!

They, in this case, being Cornelius and Zira, and the Planet of the Apes being Man. Somehow, in about the day or so that was the 'war' in the last movie, Milo got Taylor's ship out of the lake in the Forbidden Zone and got it working enough (with what fuel?) to get the three of them off planet. And end up back in time. Because that's what happens. And then we see the Apes being subjected to Man just like Man was subjected to under Apes, which is what Apes were subjected to under... um, I'm not sure what point they were going with here, and what point we just get to 'because we were told to make another movie'. It is more 'aliens amongst us' than 'apes can talk!'

And hey, Roddy McDowell and Kim Hunter still came back! (Voluntarily? Under contract?) Clearly make up have an easier time with only three actors needing it (the baby chimp simply being subjected to bad film editing), and Kim could probably do her own by this point. Eric Braeden gives the more interesting performance for the humans, actually nearly having a nuanced character. But frankly I was waiting for Ricardo Montalban to start chewing the scenery, and he didn't disappoint.

But now, finally, with the hero chimps dead, that's it right?

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