Thursday, 5 July 2012

Fight the Fish!

Hugh has a fight with fish. Or at least about fish. About how they are not being caught sustainably, and how, in fact, trawlers are catching fish and throwing, 'discarding' it back into the ocean... dead. Yes, that's as pointless as it seems.

This is a three-part series with a follow up of Hugh trying to get European Commission laws changed to ban discarding. Spoiler: he does quite well. Sort of. In the follow up, they have the person leading the reform discussion, Maria Damanaki say 'all catches are landed and counted against quota'. So banning discard, yes, but... I'm really hoping that's a bad phraseology or sound biteness, because that would say that you could easily go over quota with a catch and have that count against you, which I'm sure is not what is wanted, and will lead straight back to discarding.

They also introduce the mackerel bap, look at salmon fishing, and take on various super stores to own up to proper fishing practices. Spoilers continue: Hugh continues to do well. ...and now I want to go for a mackerel bap. I just ask for 'fish and chips' (or, sigh, 'fush and chups' if you insist), with whatever the typical fish is. Cod? Shark? No idea. It could be mackerel for all I know.

Anyway, if you want to support proper fishing, even if you aren't in Europe, let along Britain, you can sign up at


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