Saturday, 7 July 2012

Get Down with SCP, yeah you know me

So, another thing that I found out about at the same time as Slendery, is a whole slew of stuff to do with Secure Contain Protect. This is a Foundation tasked with tracking down the odd and bizarre and dangerous items and documenting them in a way for quick access when you are running in panic when it gets out of control. All generated by people just thinking weird things up, possibly inspired by pictures.

With anything that comes from a group of people, there are good and bad entries. These are the top rated ones, and there are other rated ones... the content ranges from the engagingly developed, to the humourous, to the Loganesque, to the freaky, to the just flat weird.

One thing this all has inspired are some computer games. And they work well as them, particularly the stairway, which has inspired two games. You can watch TipsyRam play some (and I do mean you can watch her, she has set up a 'reaction cam'). While the games are freaky, especially when played in the dark, working off jump scares, and I wonder if there are low frequencies in the sounds....

What occurs to me is... RPG Source! However, I'm not sure what system could use this. This is all about evoking things in the mind, and the computer game is best played in the dark by oneself, but RPGs are typically in a group. And a group will quickly dissipate tension through humour. And if it was being run over Skype or similar, you can kiss any real spookiness goodbye. Cthulhu, for all it's horror RPG-ness, doesn't make people scream in shock. So while I would like to use this... I'm not sure how.

Anyway, read some entries and see what bizarreness is out there.


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