Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Heresy of Darkness!

After running (tactical retreating!) from the bar, we established a defensible position in the lobby of the hab-block where we had talked to the sister. There, we established watches to find out what happened during the night.

During my watch, I saw [excellent will check!] an abomination until the Emperor nearby, and the lobby started to rain with blood. Alerting my colleagues, they seemed to not be able to see the man, however they saw the gangers rushing towards us. While they engaged them, one of my colleagues did also see the man, and took him out with one shot [before the psy guy could go... so sad]. The gangers themselves were a rowdy lot, only armed with bones and metal pipes. We put them down, but kept one back for interrogation.

However, then we spied some... Very Bad Things outside and... I became momentarily startled [or fainted, whatever], others around me reacting in different ways [oh, the fun of failed will checks]. They attacked us, but were not either capable of hitting us or damaging us [yah low skills and decent armour!]. While it appeared that hurting them was just as difficult, the five of us did manage to [just!] put down the three of them. And they were exhibits of the abomination that we had come to find.

We had samples, but we were no closer to the source... [good combats, and I survived unscathed. My characters have been doing that recently!]


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