Saturday, 21 July 2012

In the words of Lizzie Sladen

I can't say I've read a lot of biographies/autobiographics, but for (I think) obvious reasons, I have read Who-related biographies. Although, for some reason, I've only gotten around to reading many them until after they died... and keeping that trend going, I've just finished listening to the Elizabeth Sladen autobiography, as read by Caroline John.

It reminded me a lot of Nicholas Courtney's audio autobiography, in that there is a lot of time spent on non-Who items. Yes, that happens. These people are actors. While we know them for Who-stuff, they did have other jobs. This can lead to 'get to the Who', but I didn't mind, and Lizzie did drop in occasional mentions of new Who/SJA enough to keep things moving along. And her earlier reminiscences were interesting in and of themselves.

Of course, there are revelations, and her relationship with Jon Pertwee was very revealing. Shows that the on screen presentation doesn't always reflect what is happening behind the scenes. And there are other revelations that make me want to know what other people (who were involved) think about it, for example about her time on School Reunion.

The afterword gets bittersweet, as it would, written (and read) by Brian Miller, and Sadie, after Elizabeth's death. While she might have had many doubts about doing an autobiography, I'm glad she did. It was an interesting listen.


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