Friday, 20 July 2012

Fat Head

I did see Supersize Me, it looked impressive, fed (sic) into prevailing beliefs about how bad fast food was... and Fat Head is a response to that, to show that it is possible to live healthily on fast food. And indeed it can if you control your intake and still exercise (which Spurlock was not doing). So yeah, sure, why not? Indeed, it is entirely likely that people could if they were controlling themselves. Most people don't, most people don't want to.

But why are people getting fat? Is it fast food places? No, it's the government. Tom Naughton (director and star) shows that everyone on the government side is incompetent / in it for the money / deliberately getting it wrong. This movie is very anti-government, making it hard for me to buy into this too much. Sure, the government gets things wrong, but to only present that angle is just as bad as a sole anti-fast food stance.

It is important to take nothing at 100% face value. Don't trust everything in Supersize Me. Watch that, but with caution. And conversely, don't trust everything in Fat Head. I do think you should watch it, especially if you have seen Supersize Me, but with caution as well.


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