Monday, 30 July 2012

Marbly Hornets

Following on from talking about the Thin One, I have been directed by a few people to watch Marble Hornets, a youtube series in which a guy making a movie fell apart after being stalked by a tall stretched out figure, and now the 'hero' is trying to piece together what happened.

This is a slow burn series. Like freaking long term slow burn. It's been running for... three years now, and has clocked up over 60 videos (on the main channel, there are some side ones). They've released two seasons of DVDs now, but...

As I said slow burn, so nothing has been revealed about what's really going on. You can piece together some mythology, and I have my own ideas about the relationship between the creatures and the people involved, but... yeah... nothing coming up in the videos themselves.

Which makes it really frustrating. I burned through the lot over the last week, but am not expecting the next video for another week, and then maybe twice a month... but they have taken months between releases before. And when each video is only a few minutes each (admittedly the latter ones are tending towards 10 minutes), there's not a lot of content each update.

Going forwards, there are some other channels I might watch as well, but I can see me forgetting about this (well, I have subscribed, so will know when new stuff has come out), and unless they get somewhere soon, this is going to be historically niche, instead of the present niche it currently is.


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