Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Ravening

Everyone remember how Edgar Allen Poe went all bad ass and joined up with the police to fight crime? Yeah, you know, they made a movie out of it.

Some guy gets over hyped on EAP's work and decides to kill people because... the script says that's what happens. That makes about as much sense as the actual reason. And EAP gets involved because this is a movie that centers around him... Yes, I'm saying this movie is fan service to EAP, and has no reason in itself to exist. And the EAP aspect is the only thing that separates out this movie from all the other movies that feature random serial killer person. Meh.

John Cusack is the initialed one, and does a good job of wearing a beard. Alice Eve is the love interest, who is basically half his age, so that's not at all creepy (although keeping in line with EAP's actual weird love interests). Luke Evans gives an actual decent performance, not being directly tied into EAP's story. And, hey, Brendon Gleeson!

Although I've been EAPing recently due to MC Lars, I can't say this movie is worth it.


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