Tuesday, 17 July 2012

There and Back Again: A Sydney Tale

Strangely enough, I went there and back in an airplane... whodathunkit? But had different experiences each time.

Going there: Wellington International is really boring. There's one cafe place (Mojo?), and it is stupidly expensive. So much for duty free costs. And then there are spaces to sit... and that's it. Oh, and a Whitcoulls, but still... and the wireless connection sucks terribly. The flight was mediocre, no frills (of course). And at the other end, luggage took a while to arrive.

Not mine, mind you. I took just one carry on bag (which shocked people "You can take everything you need in just one carry on?"), so I could slip through Customs, but I was with a colleague, who had a bag, so... meh. Get to the hotel, get some food, and not do much else. (Evening flight, tired.)

On the way back, for some reason, had the Works, so I got a meal and drinks! Wow! More impressive! However...

Since we were back in town, there was no need for us to be together in Customs, so I should be able to skim through. Although I think he got his bag quickly enough that I didn't see him anyway. As for me... a male, alone, occupation "Analyst"... "Can you step over here please sir?"

Yep, Customs search! Fine, they are doing their job, but I had a week of bad sleep, it was another evening flight, so near midnight, I just wanted to go home. Still, I made sure to be light in tone, so "low threat", and everything was fine. (They did scan my computers... nothing for them there either.)

Way over: nothing much. Way back: good and bad. ...you'll forgive if I'm not leaping for another overseas trip any time soon...


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