Wednesday, 18 July 2012


From the people who brought you Despicable Me (you can tell, because they call back the Minions to make everyone start with an opinion of 'oh, that was good'), we have a movie of 2D drawings, detailing how sex leads to corporate destruction.

Well, 2D in the sense that we see a flat image, but CGI created really. Although at the end we see actual Seuss-ian drawing, emphasizing the desire I already had to re-read the actual story. Anyway some kid, in an effort to impress a girl, decides to launch himself into reckless endangerment by going out at night and seeing some lone guy who hasn't interacted with people for years (where does his food come from), get attacked by devices (which are probably coated with rust and the tetanus), and then take actions that put local leading businessmen out of business. Yeah, thanks kid. However, all the rest of the town, out of their minds due to materialism, think that's okay, which shows how society has gone down hill recently.

Ehh... not that this was bad, just that Seuss has never had an entirely successful translation to the screen (yes, we remember Mike Myers), and this feels more like "inspired by an old story that we can make totally cool and hip and with it for today's kids daddio!". A lot of charm of the actual work has gotten lost.

Go read the book, it's a better work than this movie...


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