Saturday, 14 July 2012

Trio of Starving Fellars

Trading in on Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's name (seriously, this audience would have been a fraction of the size if Hugh wasn't involved), we have Three Hungry Boys: Thom, Tim and Trevor.

Their mission was to spend a month holidaying in Scotland, living off the land, and get by without spending any money at all. They did some work for food in a lot of cases, but they did do quite well, with a lot of people willing to have them do something for a day in return for a fair bit of grub.

Suspiciously too well. Considering these people would have had to agree to be on television, I do wonder how primed they were. Some people might have been surprised, but business owners don't take anyone on, with necessary oversight and training, without some recompensation. Being on telly would be one obvious reason, the camera is going to get a lot of people to say yes, but I now wonder how many other people are roving the hills up there trying the same tactic on... and failing.

Anyway, a fun enough series, and they certainly got some publicity from it. We can only watch to see more shows like this spawned...


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