Friday, 13 July 2012

Battle for the Apes

Previously on Apes! That's how this movie begins as it shows that it is the third of a trilogy. And in continues everything by showing... a battle between apes and humans, just like several movies ago.

They also bring up the 'time is like a motorway' canard from a few movies ago, because that's an underlying theme. We've seen the Apes in charge, we've seen the humans in charge, how about apes and humans? Can't we all just get along? Won't someone think of the children?

It's just a mediocre film really. It's very much part of the trilogy, but did we need a trilogy? The ending message of 'ape human hugs' is completely at odds with the need to make a movie with action that people will watch. And so it goes on, and then it stops. Eh.

Roddy is back once more, and Claude Akins is good opposite him. Severn Darden puts in a fine Donald Pleasence. But this is the movie that "introducing" Paul Williams! The world was not the same. Great stuff from him as well!

But, finally, it really is over! Yes, I know there is the television series. Don't plan on watching that.

And just because one actor happened to be called Claude:


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