Wednesday, 1 August 2012

1138 THX

This is referenced in, like, every movie ever made in the entirely of history ever, ever. But how many people have actually seen it? Now, I am one of them.

So, this dude gets his mack on, and then runs around society a lot, until the film runs out of budget.... yeah, it's about as boring as it sounds.

There are quite a few scenes where I'm sure it made great sense to George and Walter, but since this is an alternative future where the culture is changed, we don't know what the culture is, and so there's a disconnect that I just don't get. (If you need to read some film critic's thesis to understand everything, then your movie failed.) And then there's a car chase. And some guy standing facing a setting sun.

Robert Duvall does well when performing the sane parts of the script. Donald Pleasence goes over the top as Donald Pleasence does. And Maggie McOmie gets to play the saddest woman ever on screen.

While this may be iconic in several ways (at various times I was reminded of Brazil, A Clockwork Orange and 1984), it's also a movie that needs a lot of help. George is right on track then.


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