Thursday, 2 August 2012

Craft-A-Long 0

I've spoken about Desert Bus before, and have given money to them (never won an auction... which is probably a good thing for my account). However, note one thing about their auction: they use home made crafted items (and some big items from companies). Which they are quite proud of.

And so, for DB6, I decided to put my own talents to the effort of making something. I don't have many skills, but one thing I always did enjoy was the process of latch hook rugs. It's something to occupy the hands while the mind is doing something else, but also not something you can do without paying any attention to it.

Oh, and if you are working on a design, make sure you can count properly... yep.

Anyway, from the idea of putting an effort in, I then needed something to make into a rug... and what works is something that is straight lines and works on a very low level detail. Oh, and something that is preferably (but not restrictedly) game related. For example... a skyscape from Skyrim might look pretty, but no. It has to be low resolution, as think of one piece of wool as one pixel. When the canvas is around 200 by 500 pixels in size, that isn't a huge picture you can detail here. And even better, if you can find something even smaller and blow it up, that would work really well.

Minecraft could provide ample ideas, and be a part of the current huge trend it has... but that isn't something that appealed to me. Instead... I went retro, and came up with a few ideas. And I had something else inspiring me to do a design as well. But that is all for next time...

(Latch hooking in action!)

Unlike in the video, I work from the right to the left, and hook in an entirely different way...


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