Friday, 3 August 2012

Craft-A-Long 1

Reaching back into time, two things came to mind with fondness. One of which was Pac Man. Now, I would like to do a full Pac Man screen, but hey... think of how many pixels that would be? I'd be going crazy! Just a sprite is like 14 pixels high...

...hey, a sprite is 14 pixels high! Now that's an idea! At first I thought of the classic image of Pac Man chasing the ghosts, but that would be very wide. And then a saw a picture of the four ghosts in a two by two formation... bam! Expand it so there were (in this case) four pieces of wool for each square, and there's a nice image to fit on a rug.

Then there's the issue of colour. It's all very well to say Red, Pink, Cyan and Orange but then there's trying to match the shade to what hue I can get. And getting enough... my first supplier was in New Zealand, however they stopped supplying latch hook after my first order, so I went overseas to ShillCraft (which I now recommend for all latch hook supplies - although postage took some sorting out).

Unfortunately I miscalculated something, and so had less room around the edge than I thought... and having only one row doesn't work either (it started to frail). That's why I hit on the idea of using fabric tape to edge it. (The common way is to fold the edge under and stitch it, I didn't have enough room, and like the tape.) However as tape can't do everything (stickyness isn't), I did end up sewing the edges to keep it together.

I think it turned out rather well. If you like it (and assuming the mail arrives) you can bid for it yourself at the next Desert Bus...


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