Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Craft-A-Long 5

Continuing to work in thirds, I set up the next third grid... then threw my plans out the window, and did the rest of the grid, completing the work I was doing in silver.

As you can expect, this all took time, although I said to myself I would aim for one row (of seven) 'pixel's a night. I often went over as it was basically me sitting there watching videos on my computer while I busied my hands with doing this. Eventually, I was just down to needing to fill in the white squares.

And after that, as I've said, this just left the edges to go. On my other rugs I'd used black tape, as it was generally a background of black wool. However, as I was using a silver grid, it was silver tape. I also went for silver thread, but it wasn't quite the same.


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