Sunday, 12 August 2012

"Free" Horror Movies

Because of the "associated" videos part of YouTube, I watched these movies. Shouldn't have done that.

Windigo: The hell? A Canadian movie which supposedly is Slenderman based, but... why then tie into the Wendigo myth? I'd believe it more if I found out that the peoples decided to change their focus after learning about Slenderman, but couldn't be bothered to reshoot things. And speaking of shooting things, it looks like they shot the set up, shot the ending, and a lot of filler material... but didn't shot the actual bits that would have made the movie scary. Or explicable. Just a complete mess.

The Rake: Standard "go to the woods and strange creature is there" film. (The Rake is part of Slendermyth.) While this could have been shot in a day and a night, this is better than a lot of other amateur films. The ending is very abrupt, so I do wonder if they wanted to expand it more but ran out of time? If they could keep the same length, but condense more story into it, it would have been better. (And watching this on double speed makes the final sound very obvious...)

COVET: The guy gets a new big house at a bargain price (alert!) and something is raiding beers from his fridge. Some naked creature (!) (while this movie is not part of Slendermyth, this does look like the Rake) opens his unlocked garage door (don't ask why, because movie!), raids stuff, and leaves, and is caught on tape... so of course an Ouija board is the obvious next step! Then it's just a question of attic or woods... ah, an abandoned building! Frankly, they deserve what they get. Anyway, decent enough, but requires a lot of 'don't think about it' no-logic...


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