Thursday, 9 August 2012

Heresy of Darkness!

After shaking off the attack of the vapours of the last fight, our Judge Dredd knock off, Tharius, tracked one back towards the trade house we were at before... and there we met the Enforcers, who decided to take us to someone for a talking at. (Aside from one person, Grimm, whom we left behind [player late, so we dumped his character in a pile of bodies...].)

They take us to the Alms house, where we met the person running the Tantalus Collective, who wasn't that impressed by us. (We also found trace of the parasites in the gruel they were dealing out, so that's something suspicious.) Grimm, meanwhile, went to the temple, possibly for healing, and found out that there was something dangerous at the Alms House. So he turned up there and told us, over our voxs, about it... right in front of the lead bad guy. He left us to be killed by his troops.

And Grimm gets taken out in the first step, so that worked well. The rest of us get shot at, shoot back, get suppressed [I get suppressed a LOT!], yet do quite well... then the Very Bad Things turn up again, released from above. They start grabbed people, and two of them drag Tharius away... somewhere. And, worst of all... I actually get hurt! Argh! On the other hand, I get my hands on Grimm's chain sword and that works quite well.

Which leaves us with dead bodies, their guns, and a compatriot taken away...


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