Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Heresy of Darkness!

With the hall currently clear of heretics, we set off in search of our compatriot who had been dragged away, short only the other compatriot who kindly wanted me to have his huge chainsword (at least, he never complained that I had it).

Upstairs, we found an office, and the Scum found a lab with another creature in it. While the others ran away, it was up to me to step in and shred the creature into pieces. Ye, but I am an instrument of the Emperor, and a kickass one at that...

Onwards we went, higher, and found a medical bay that housed our compatriot, the overseer who was running this madness, and yet more creatures. And then... something strange happened. I can't quite remember what, but after a creature came up to me, there is a gap and then... I FEEL SO ACTIVE!

Grabbing up the chainsword, I charged the overseer! He must die! Everyone must die! Stop! Dodging! My! Damn! Blows! Die! He finally does! Gah! There is another door! Charge!

Another abomination beyond! And some creature coming towards me! It too must... and yet, there I go into darkness again. I don't understand what happened. It seems I lost blood and guts and... and yet, after the others shot her to death, here I am still around. The Emperor (or, at least, the person currently acting on his behalf for us) was mildly pleased we put an end to the creature. Good work us. And he has other tasks in mind.

[So, while I did get knocked out, Stims are very useful. And then I died. Sigh. Another fate point burned... and that's the end of that mission. Next time... we do something completely different!]


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