Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Bourne Lethargy

[The wrong post got deleted, so am recreating this post, in a more brief version...]

Just like people are still trading in on Robert Ludlum's name, people are still trying to get money out of the Bourne movies.

And in this movie we have Jeremy Renner walking around and people talking in a room FOR AN HOUR before anything happens. And then something does happen, before back to walking and talking. And then the one big set piece that the entire movie held out for two hours for.

And don't let people think that Jason Bourne isn't in this. He is. The movie continually references him, as it tries to pretend to be relevant. Either be a new franchise in the same universe, or be a Jason Bourne movie, don't be this.

So Jeremy Renner is indeed in this. As is someone I kept going 'is that Rachel Wiesz? it could be Rachel Wiesz, but I'm not... no, it is Rachel Wiesz... or maybe not...' and... it is Rachel Wiesz! Edward Norton is the only other actor of note in this.

This is a terrible Bourne movie, and not even a good action movie. As times, I was worried I might fall asleep! I would say this killed the franchise, but I'm also sure they'll try to get more money out of it if they could.


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