Saturday, 18 August 2012

Manning the Grey Documentary

I'm not sure what to make of this movie. It looks like (and certainly acted like) it was filmed in one day. And the story is an incoherent mess , and as for the ending... okay, I'm going to spoil things, but that won't help.

This crew decides to 'document the Grey Man', a ghost figure that haunts the beach, warning people of storms (an actual ghost story). And from there, they leap to 'this house is associated with the Grey Man' (only not really), so we have an excuse for this being a haunted house story... in which the people moved in only a week ago, and yet enough stuff happened to get this crew of people out there so it seems like this is well known, but there's only been the week... ?

Anyway, this crew decide to document the house, but also do a behind the scenes thing, because they don't believe in the ghost and will instead document how people react when they think it's real. Then real stuff starts happening, so of course their reaction is 'let's stay!'.

And then in the last ten minutes everyone dies. And it is that sudden. Not even really killed, they just fall down dead. 'Cos that's what happens. ... the hell?

As I said, this is a mess, they decided to end the movie after an hour, and there isn't a direction worth noting. Actors, none of them seem to be doing anything, and the pretty woman has her top off for a brief moment because... tits, it seems.

Only watch this if you are waiting for motivation to make a better movie...


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