Friday, 17 August 2012

The Whaling of Hauntely House

I know I deliberately watch bad movies, but maybe some day - "The ASYLUM presents" sigh... not today.

Whaley House has ghosts in it. Some people decide to look around at night and... well, get what they deserve for it. Death comes easy in this place, so much so that there's more than one death per ten minutes of movie. And really stupid deaths at that. There's an attempt at plot where the main girl is special because... of some silly reason that means they can start killing off people, whatever. It's not like that matters. And the ending is also just as stupid.

The annoying thing about this is that it nearly is a good movie (for Asylum). Some of the characters are nearly decent, there are some aspects where the characters are taking it seriously, but the movie clearly isn't... but the tone isn't consistent, and the driving need to kill people off just stops any actual sense of tension and pace. Damn you for not being better!

Keep this up, Asylum, and one day you may be a real boy!


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