Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Raiding Redeemption

Finally got around to seeing this. I saw the English dub version, with voices not perfectly lining up, and with likely editing of overly graphic scenes. Which did still leave a lot of movie.

There is a Raid of a tenement block by the police, which lasts around twenty minutes before it goes tits up (to give the police term, I believe). Then it's fight scene after fight scene as the police try to survive and everyone tries to kill them, with random quiet moments thrown in. There is a very small plot development, but it doesn't get in the way much. And then, when they run out of beautifully crafted choreographed fight scenes, the movie ends.

It does have a rather odd, and abrupt, ending, which does seem indeed like they ran out of set pieces (with nearly everyone dead by this point), so they just ended it.

But yes, the point of the movie, the fight scenes, are quick, brutal, very well shot and shown off, and very much worth seeing. However, I was always aware that it was a dance. Not that this is a bad thing, just that it was hard to actually get fully into the movie.

Certainly worth seeing for the spectacle.


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