Saturday, 25 August 2012

Star Trek The 2!

Yes, I finally finished watching Star Trek original series, season 2. I do have to say that while the new CGI is all well and good, it does look like new CGI, all smooth and plasticy. What you want, following on from how the Doctor Who DVDs did it (back when they actually did do new CGI stuff) is to have it available via an alternative angle, so you could watch it original or new style...

When watching the episodes, I watch the trailer first, then the episodes. Seriously, the trailers do not do the episodes justice. I watch a trailer and think 'this episode looks like a stinker' and yet... they all drew me in. While they aren't all Emmy winners, they are a damn sight better than you'd think from the preview.

And although this set is a little lighter on the extras, the Tribble disc is wonderful! We get the original episode, we get the animated episode, we get the DS9 episode! And a couple of behind the scene bits as well. Now that's great value right there!

As for the episodes themselves... Amok Time: Here it is! The classic fight with the classic music... that is used in every fight scene from then on! Who Mourns for Adonis? Who Mourns? Who? WWWHHOOO??? Now I want to go reread some Peter David books... The Changeling: aka The Motion Picture preview. Mirror, Mirror: Less in here than I remember, considering all the plot it's spun off. The Doomsday Machine: can you spot the season Peter David liked the most? The Deadly Years: Another episode that was redone in TNG. The Gamemasters of Triskelion: Another meme starter for 20 quatloos that didn't have as much in it as one would think. The Ultimate Computer: Starting the fine tradition of computer mishaps. But a bit too easy to talk the computer into submission. Assignment: Earth: this looks like a pilot for a new series "Seven and Lincoln" (meet there today!)

And what is with the pseudo-historicals? (A Piece of the Action, Patterns of Force and Bread and Circuses.) Not to mention very kind affection for Christianity/God considering this was supposed to be the enlightened future...

I might take a wee break from Star Trek, but no doubt will return to season three shortly...



evildicemonkey said...

Assignment: Earth: this looks like a pilot for a new series "Seven and Lincoln"

On the off chance you don't know, it was meant to be a pilot for a spin off... and a mere 40 years later you can read the spin off comic book series! All 5 issues of it!

assignment earth comic book idw
for more information before they make another limited series (only 36 years left at current pacing)

Jamas Enright said...

(read read read read read) Erm... it's not very good. So... yeah... no real surprise it never got made... [and nice to know I can spot a pilot!]