Monday, 27 August 2012

Supernaturality Activ

This is a spoof movie, mocking various movies like Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity, Last Exorcism, et al. It's presented as a mockumentary of 'here's a paranormal show', which has certainly been in a few movies, but none that actually did anything worth seeing.

Following with that idea, this team goes into a place, fakes up what it needs to to produce ghosts, and bam show! Then they get the message that there's this actual beast, Smallsquatch, and they go investigate. After seance and possession, there's a cult, and... all sorts of things, mashing up various ideas.

But here's the problem. And it is, admittedly, not a small one. While this is ripping on many, many movies, it does suffer from the same problem other examples of these sorts of spoofs have, namely... there's no humour here. There's nothing funny, just attempting at referencing movies, while trying to give HUGE winks to the audience, and expecting everyone to laugh just because they are mocking the movies, and not because they actually do anything that's actually amusing. This is lazy spoofing, and just shows no effort at all. While this is not a 'cash in' (because there will be no money in this), this is certainly a product of someone who thought that they could get a lot of cred out of this for little input.

Scary Movie, in many ways, kicked off the spoofing stream of movies, which grew and encompassed so many slabs of movies. Very few of those were actually funny either, so this is entirely in keeping with the trend.


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