Sunday, 23 September 2012

A Film from Serbia

I heard about this movie, about how it is rated as one of the highest 'eww' movies of all time. While I can see that... I also wasn't that affected by it, for a number of reasons (probably highly significant ones being that I watch these at faster than normal speed and because I have trouble with immersion at the best of times). The keywords for this movie are Horror, Mystery and Thriller. Might I suggest we add in "Comedy"? Incredibly black, dark, nasty comedy, yes, but still comedy.

Milos is a retired porn actor, but needs the money to help support his family. He is approached to participate in another film, and offered a lot of money. But they don't tell him what the movie is about... and that's about where you can tell what's coming up is going to be a downward spiral for Milos. He starts, gets uncomfortable with the subject matter (which I don't want to get too much into as various filters on sites might get triggered - which tells you a lot), and wants to pull out... and then he wakes up several days later, and has to piece together what happened, what he did... and how far he went... [And I guessed several reveals before they happened, which didn't help me getting into the movie.]

[An important point is that Milos is not make out to be the bad guy, even though he's the one doing the things. He tries to get out, and is pulled back in and drugged, and when he realises... other bad people are bad, yes, but the film does excuse him.]

If you can guess some acts, they are mentioned if not on screen, but it goes further than you'd think. Definitely going to trigger squick factors here. However, at this is why I'm going for the comedy angle, I just couldn't read this movie as serious. Although it tried to be serious (aside from some actually funny moments), it goes over the top, and shows us things that... yeah, I just can't take as serious. It is dark, as I said, and going to gross people out, but still... various repeated ideas (Serbia, for a start) and the effects, no, it can't be taken as real. [Possibly these things do happen, humans don't surprise me in what we are capable of, but even within the context of the movie, I can't credit the movie as taking them as real.]

Definitely a 'fucked up' movie that most people wouldn't watch... but far easier to deal with if you read it as intentionally humourous.


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