Saturday, 22 September 2012

Good Hair

Susan Arendt mentioned this in an Escapist Podcast, so I had to check it out. Good Hair is a documentary about the role of hair in the Black community... and it is all kinds of surprising.

Chris Rock leads this documentary, mainly centered around a hair convention run by the Bronner Brothers, and leading up to a Battle of the Hair Stylists (with big (for them) productions). Along the way, we find out about Relaxer, Weaves and you don't touch a Black woman's hair. And it is a big dollar industry. And not, I have to say, without a little racism (with the talk about how the Black community doesn't own the empires selling the products, it's the White Asians).

Chris often makes comparison to keeping up the hair habit with being on crack / heroin. And with the monies they are spending (thousands a month), it's not hard to see why. And hard not to agree with him.

It's a fascinating movie and after watching it... I'll be happy to go bald.


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