Monday, 3 September 2012

DW 7.1

And... this is what we are starting with? Lots of CGI to say "hey, look at all the CGI!" And the introduction of a new... well, maybe not. (And the rest of this post is hidden from the front page.)

I wanted to be more excited by this. It's... the Daleks. The Daleks with a new conversion feature (how exactly do the nanomachines convert bones and such into metal eyestalk and gun? Let alone why an eyestalk, when they already have two serviceable eyes?). That should be scary, but you were just waiting for one of the companions to get into trouble (just like in... say... The Time of Angels). And yes, it is Amy who gets into trouble. Quelle suprise. Still, it creates that great Moffat moment of them declaring their love for each other so they can be dropped off for next week's episode... what?

But, hey, new companion! Although it was only because BBC's twitter feed gave it away that I knew it was JLC (who looks a lot like Summer Glau!), which possibly worked against me because I thought it might be a nice change up to get three companions back in the TARDIS again, and so Oswin would be save... except fake out! And a chance for another Moffat plot point coming up. (The Doctor could change history so she doesn't crash, but then would the Daleks remember him? But then they couldn't all chant "Doctor Who?", and we wouldn't want to miss out on that... oh, if only we could...) Anywho, we have a taste of the upcoming flirty genius companion... possibly, but I need to stop being distracted by her Summer Glau-ness to properly appraise her.

On the whole, I wanted this to be better than we got.

Next time: a really uninspiring trailer for some form of creatures on a transport...


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