Sunday, 2 September 2012


You'd think from the poster that this would be like Transporter 2, namely Jason Statham protects a kid from the bad guys in the movie. (Never saw the trailer, so don't know what that portrays.) Well, that does happen, but that's only part of the movie.

The Asian kid is a mathematical genius who is used by one crime team, and gets involved in a deal. During a problem that develops, she gets away and coincidentally crosses path with Jason Statham's down and out ex-cop character. After some exchanging of plot, they split up and then it's a two-... three-... maybe four-way fight? I didn't keep track, but there's a lot of scenes of Jason going around and killing groups of people, and that's all that matters anyway. And there's the last fight... which I like a lot.

Jason Statham is his typical action self. Catherine Chan does a good job, and could do well in movies. James Hong is playing one of his usual characters. And... others are in this film too.

Probably has more of a plot than I was paying attention too, but not a bad action movie.


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