Monday, 24 September 2012

DW 7.4

This reminded me of The Lodger. In that the set up was a lot more thought out and worked better than the actual alien menace they had to tack on to explain it all.

So it is a very slow invasion indeed. Enough for us to see Amy and Rory live ordinary lives, interrupted by the Doctor. Which has been a common point across the previous episodes, but why be implicit when you can tell and not show? There are some nice moments in the build up... but let's face it, mainly due to Brian. The actual alien menace is a complete load of pants and solved with basically flipping a switch. No point to it really. (And why create androids with those large mouth pieces? What did that serve?) But at least it is all in the service of the ideal of being with the Doctor... (eyeroll)

And I'm calling bullshit on the heart attacks being reversed. If the cardiac arrest killed the person, they were dead long enough for severe brain damage if not permanent death, no matter how much zapping to the heart is done afterwards. And there is absolutely no way they are just getting up and walking away. Complete fail there while trying to get an 'everybody lives' moment. Just... fail.

As for Kate Stewart [not sure how this links with Downtime, but I will credit them with using the same name... hang on, does this mean Marc Platt gets the royalties?], it reads like they (Chibnall and Moffat) forced in a connection to evoke the Brigadier...which didn't work. Marc did the daughter far more realistically. Can we consign her to the pile of recurring characters that should be referenced again but never are? (As opposed to someone making a return.)

An attempt, but better luck next time...but please don't force the title so badly, not when 'The Year of the Slow Invasion' would have been far better, and probably was the original wait, the original was 'Cubed'...sigh... Fail, guys... just... fail.

Next time: They are in this huge sweeping city... so why does it look like it's going to get set inside one building?



evildicemonkey said...

And let's not forget the people who were kidnapped from the hospital and put on the spaceship... only let's completely forget about them when we rescue Brian (who is lying down between them) and not even mention them when the spaceship blows up, not even a line from Rory the life-saving Nurse to say "I checked their pulse and it's too late, they are already dead".

Jamas Enright said...

To be fair, the Doctor does say something like "get them all out", Amy and Rory are gone for a while, then all the tables are empty so... they did move the patients back.

evildicemonkey said...

Nope, they remove Brian... but they don't even attempt to move anyone else. They're still there when talking to the automated message and you can see them in the background when discussing the defib and when they start outrunning the countdown.