Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Retributive Evil Residents

Good news: if you are looking for an all-out action movie with a different set piece every five minutes, this is the perfect movie for you. Bad news: if you want a decent movie...

An Alice (at this point, who knows which Alice is real...) is busted out of an underwater Umbrella facility... and that's about it.

As this looks to be a set-up for another movie, there isn't anything substantial to this movie. What we get is set piece after set piece, with various not real sequences, or sequences that are real but not to Alice, or... possibly it's all just Paul W S Anderson's fantasy... but there is no actual story here. (And what pretense there was to a plot reminded me of bits of Alien movies.)

We get a lot of call backs to the previous movies, with reappearances from various characters (although I can't recall if they are the same character... or even the same actor). Milla Jovovich gets naked again, and Michele Rodriguez does some ass-kicking as she is want to. And a bunch of other people, but as everyone is basically just there to shoot, it doesn't matter.

Not a long film, and considering that there is a LOT of slow motion shots it should be even shorter. As a set-up to the next movie, fine, watch it, whatever... but go when it's cheap, and when you aren't interested in a plot.


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