Sunday, 9 September 2012

Hauntless High

If I said Danny Trejo, Charisma Carpenter and M C Gainey, would you be interested? As in them all being the same movie? Uh huh. And now if I say the movie is a 'Syfy Original'? Ah, there's the hope dying in your eyes...

Behold: due to a stupid evil teacher, a hellmouth is opened, and the previous dead principal (who is the grandfather of one of the characters) comes back, and people are slowly killed off. Well, actually, they are killed off quickly as individual deaths, but the deaths are spun out over the movie. Then there's the other students with the other skeevy teacher, the other students with the fat kid, and the janitor who can't break down a plywood door. While the last ten minutes are very nearly approaching good, there's the rest of it to get through, and 'approaching' is not the same as actually being.

As for the names I mentioned, Danny Trejo is the incompetent janitor, Charisma Carpenter is only on screen for a few minutes at the beginning (she's the librarian!) and M C Gainey compensates for being in this by going over the top in everything he does. And there are some other people in this as well.

Is Syfy worse than Asylum? At least Asylum shows signs of improvement, whereas Syfy just gets in any ol' movie someone else makes, without any thought for quality. Congratulations, Syfy, on trying to do an episode of Buffy, and getting it so wrong...


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