Monday, 10 September 2012

DW: 7.2

Hey look, Dinosaurs! Because the Mill know how to do those, because of that other show! And how light and fluffy is this story? (With some dark moments.)

Firstly, let's address the elephant in the room: The Doctor and Rory kiss! Yeah, about time! Amy all the time, and now Rory. Watch out Brian, he has a taste for Ponds! (Although from Rory's expression, he isn't impressed by the Doctor's kissing ability.)

Anyhoo, this is a Silurian ship. Nice continuity note, and I should have seen it coming, but there was no sign the Silurians had any form of space going technology, so that all came out of nowhere. But, hey, they didn't have teleporters either, so whatever. At least the robots were cool, and practical, although it now raises the question of which is the better comedy duo in Doctor Who, Mitchell and Webb or Hale and Pace?

And what a cast of characters: we have Filch (I totally couldn't see him as anything else) and Nefertiti (because the Doctor gives anyone a trip through time now) and some hunter guy that Nefertiti, the ostensible power woman, completely submits to, I guess, because she's in his time, not he in hers (although how they'll be able to communicate without the TARDIS helped, who cares)... and the point of all these people are? Seriously, Chris, tell me, what was the point of giving the Doctor a gang? Are you so unable to write a non-gang after Torchwood that you can only do ensemble shows now? Or was it so you could split up Amy and Rory and still have a way for Amy to give exposition? Still, at least there was no ham-fisted attempt to suddenly establish a relationship that needs repairing and then repair it with Rory and Brian... oh wait...

So Amy and Rory are left behind again for plot contrivance... and are we supposed to think they are different and special to other companions? We've already seen three come and go just this new series alone, so why them? Get on with it already! (Yes, I know, patience...)

This so wants to be a light and fluffy episode that still has something to say, that it ends up being a mess. Congratulations on that. Almost makes you want RTD's tight death grip on rewriting stories back...

Next time: Can't say I'm impressed by the trailer. Hopefully there's something substantial about it.



evildicemonkey said...

You with Filch me with some Hunter guy=Lestrade, odd... incestuous casting. (Had to look up Filch though, not seen those movies)

Laughable attempt with the action sequence, leaving people/technology in the 'wrong' time zones, piss poor plot justification to have Brian/Rory along and the Doctor killing someone? All in all a poor episode.

Jamas Enright said...

And a basic question: WHY DIDN'T HE SONIC THE ROBOTS????