Thursday, 13 September 2012


Take a Mothman legend, sprinkle in an Indian curse, add UFOs, stir in Men in Black, and set on a layer of government storage of chemicals, and leave for over forty year... and then fight off Eyes of the Mothman.

There is very little conspiracies this movie does not like, never mind how far away, both in distance and time, from the Point Pleasant Mothman incident. Sure, we've all seen the movie, but none of us contemplated expanding a mythology to over two hours based on it. It's just amazing how much gets tossed in here. Just why would a Mothman care about a bridge anyway?

Interestingly they often say 'they were a good Christian person'. What does that have to do with it? Christians can't be mistaken? By, you know, things other than religion? And they do get a little (just a tad) skeptical about the creature itself, comparing it to a crane (although it seems that a barred owl might be more appropriate), although not without throwing in the possibility of mutagens in the water making it twice as large... (this is due to chemicals leaking out from the storage tanks for TNT the government set up, which are in fact there and leaky as wet paper bag.)

Mostly, I was just amazed this was 150 minutes, a testament to self-delusion...


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