Friday, 14 September 2012

Then what's the point of you?

I've remembered a conversation I had a while ago which was just...

The set up was that I wanted a meter to check that the power socket in my wall is operating within correct parameters. With not a lot of electrical stores around, I popped into a place that is an anagram of Dcik Smtih. After spending some time just trying to find the meter range (I can never find ANYTHING by myself in that store, I always have to ask):

Me: I'm looking for a multimeter I can use to check my power socket.
Clerk: This is our range of meters over here.
Me: (Looking over it) I checked on line, and this looks to be the one I want.
Clerk: (Checking back) It looks like it. [It more than covers the voltage and ampage.]
Me: Now, can I hook this up to the wall socket.
Clerk: I'm not sure. I don't think so. Let me take a look at the instructions. [Open package, looks at the book, can't find anything in there about not using it.]
Me: So, can I use it then?
Clerk: I can't tell you you can, because then we would be liable if you get electrocuted. I suggest you go talk to [different store chain entirely].

Right... so you have the device that does what I want... but you can't tell me it does what I want... I admire the covering of your ass, but you are passing me off to a competitor (possibly to pass the lawsuit over to them too), so... why should I ever come to this store again if you aren't allowed to tell me you have the product I want?

I am reminded of this...


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