Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Ass-lum Tapes

I'm not sure if this is a "found footage" movie or not. They may have said at the beginning, but I wasn't paying attention, and this movie doesn't encourage me to ever go back to it again.

The basic premise is... really basic. These people decide to go to an abandoned mental institute and stumble around what turns out to be a huge place, then... die... or something. Again, not paying attention. [Although I did catch one moment when the camera had to suddenly reposition itself to avoid looking out the window and seeing that the place wasn't that far away from everything...]

And, on the whole, this is a shame, because it does have the promise of being a good movie. With a bit better production quality than they could afford, this could have been a great scary movie. But... they just fall shy of that.

But the worst thing of the whole movie, is that generally "these people" would be "these friends". However... they aren't friends at all. They are complete assholes to each other. One gets scared, they make fun. Two get scared, nah, don't care, press on. A bunch of other friends assholes turn up, and they become even more "friendly". No wonder in a lot of these movies, you have people killing each other, it's not out of fear or a mistake, it's because they are assholes!

So, a decent effort for the plot... but the usual typical (ie bad) affair for the characters.


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