Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Adventures of... The Scary Bunny

[Because I know people who... spent some money, we are now taking part in the open playtesting for the new Star Wars game from Fantasy Flight: Edge of the Empire, in which we are all scum and villainry trying to make our way in this verse... hm... could easily recast the setting for Firefly...

But as such, I'll probably be talking more about the mechanics than usual.]

[We started with character creation, as you do, with the incoming intention of making sure our characters were compatible as a group. Yeah, that didn't happen explicitly, but fortunately we had a good range. Three humans, a Rodian (me!) and a Twi'leck. [Important point: I'm going to misspell things, and I don't care.] Had a Bounty Hunter/Assassin (with Doctor add on), a Tech guy, a Hired Gun, another Bounty Hunter (I think), and a Smuggler Pilot (me again). So, yeah, that worked nicely.

A different mechanic with this game is to bring into the game Obligation (why you get brought into adventures) and Motivations (why are you doing what you are doing). For me, I went with the Obligation Blackmailed, and Motivation Support the Empire (yeah, 'cos they like aliens like me... I'm going with the Lolz of it all). I reckon my character transported cargo for a group that were actually Rebel Alliance, and am now working for Sinesa the Hutt because he will reveal this if I don't. I didn't mean too, hey, I'm all for the Empire, so... whoops!

Characteristics are based on species, and then skills depend on Career. You can spend XP at creation, which is the easiest time to up characteristics as that is a long way off in the normal upskilling. The points don't go a long way towards that, but they aren't supposed to. They also don't give a lot of credits for gear. You can get more xp/credits at greater cost to your obligations, but I decided to stay within the opening amount. And ended up with crappy gear. For names, I went with the random roll, so welcome Wac Pqeewdk. Yeah, say that ten times fast... or even once!

Then there's the ship. We get a ship, and we decided on a Millennium Falcon look-a-like. Which also needed a name. Damn humans, they decided to call it the Scary Bunny. It sounds better in Rodian.

With all this set, we were finally able to start.

Note: This is the adventure from the book, so you have been warned.]

Sinesa called us in to help one of move some crates of crate dragons from Tatooine to Nasheda. No biggy, just some complicated medical procedures to follow to keep them safe. Then Tuskan Raiders turned up...

[So, combat. Forming the dice pools, with the wacky dice familiar to those from Warhammer Fantasy 3ed, was easy enough. With the small problem of the negative dice often killing us from actually succeeding. That said, griping aside, it's not like any of us got hit. Combat initiative, of 'this is a PC slot, in which any PC can use up to act' is a little different and will take some getting used to, instead of the typical 'your turn next' structure. Still, we were getting there after a few rounds.]

Shooting back, we got ourselves to the ship, with only minor confusion over how the medical treatment to keep the crate dragon sedated went. Getting some cover shipping cargo of Bantha dung, and hearing a rumour there was an explosion on Nasheda, we headed out there.

[As the pilot, I did the astrogation roll. I had 4 dice with one upgraded, and only one challenge dice, so I had good odds, and indeed got lots of advances... but no successes. The book doesn't say what to do in that situation, so we decided that it was a peaceful journey, although slightly longer than usual.]

Next stop, Hutt homeworld!


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