Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Big Uneasy

Remember Hurricane Katrina? Sure, we all do. Do you remember the full detailed report that came out showing what lead to the hurricane causing so much disaster, and what could have been done better, let alone what could be done now? No? Well, check out The Big Uneasy then!

 Harry Shearer directs this documentary that looks at the people who investigates the Katrina disaster, and what they found about the the levees that were improperly constructed. And also about the Army Corps of Engineers response that was, at best, underwhelming, and, at worst, inadequate and counter-productive.

While not really touched on, I do think there was a lot that could be said about the expansion ideas of New Orleans in the first place, where they decided to build and what they decided to do to protect themselves that slowly lead to their own current situation. But they could could have protected themselves a lot better, and more accurately, but they didn't. And now the clean up effort is just as ham-handed for one basic reason: politics.

It gets political quickly, and this movie shows that the Army Corps is not fully taken to task, and has the backing of Congress, and generally isn't going to get away with any bad light shone on it. On the other hand, those that shone the light are suffering essentially career death because of them attempting to stand up.

You should watch this documentary. And as a taste take a look and just how the water flooded:


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