Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The I IInsiiide

Mystery. Sci-fi. Thriller. Yeah, I'd agree with those keywords. Although the sci-fi aspect is faint. Still, a mostly decent movie for the first hour.

Simon wakes up in 2002 after an accident... but he can't remember the past two years. But then it's two years ago, but he can still remember two years later... and what he does in the past can change the future...

There's a lot of mystery in the set-up. What happened to him? Why is he suddenly moving in time? Just who are these people, and what is his relationship to them? It's all quite interesting... but then they have to explain what is going on, and that's where it starts letting down. Let alone I made a fairly educated guess as to the real reason... and I was right. Kind of disappointing there.

I'm sure I've seen Ryan Phillippe before, other than just one movie. Sarah Polley and Piper Perabo were also faintly familiar. I did eventually recognise Robert Sean Leonard (the camera angles were bad), which would be... right before he got his role on House. And similar for others as well...

So, a mostly decent movie. Just cluttered and messy at the end.


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