Sunday, 16 September 2012

Tokyo Fish Attack

I did read the Gyo manga, and now have seen the Gyo movie. There is a big change in that where the manga was Tadashi's story, the movie is Kaori's story.

Kaori, Erika and Aki are on holiday when the fish start walking, and they barely get through it (Aki showing off the rather 'straight to adult' rating this movie was clearly going for by having a (clothed) threesome on screen). Then Kaori's boyfriend goes missing, so she heads back for him, running into a reporter who sees her as the key to helping him get the story from Tadashi's uncle. Which they do, although it is highly abbreviated from the manga, as is the entire ending. And Tokya isn't really under attack from the fish.

While the manga set up with fish attacking, it did get down to business with explaining what was going on, and having weird encounters. The movie doesn't really get away from the fish terribly much, and casts Kaori and the reporter into the main lead roles with some weird adventures, but not many because the movie is quite short and it preferred the walking fish set up. The final moments are there, but the movie tails off rather than concludes.

Not a bad movie, but, like Uzumaki, isn't transferred well from the manga.


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